With the new National Curriculum being introduced by the Government in 2014-15 we have worked hard to refresh our school approach and provision for pupils. As part of this work we decided to implement the new Cornerstones Curriculum, a nationally recognised approach for delivering outstanding learning opportunities for children.This directly links to the National Curriculum and encompasses much of our teaching of Literacy and the foundation subjects. Maths, French, Music, PE, PSHCE, Computing and RE are often taught distinctly.


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At Bandon Hill we believe that phonics underpins all aspects of literacy acquisition.  Our phonics planning is broadly based on the Letters and Sounds document with adaptions to accommodate National Curriculum requirements and the needs of our learners. Sessions follow the ‘Revise, Teach, Practise, Apply’ format and are designed to be fun, fast-paced and exciting.

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Teaching of Reading

Reading is taught using a comprehensive reading programme covering all National Curriculum objectives, developed by the literacy leaders. 

Guided Reading is taught in ability sets with each year group dividing classes into general ability sets. Time spent on these lessons generally equates to five 20-minute sessions over the week. Guided reading activities are short, fun and snappy and designed to meet all of the reading objectives in the National Curriculum. 

Reading at Key Stage One

To develop children’s reading ability in Early Years and Key Stage 1, Bandon Hill utilise a number of varied reading schemes such as Bug Club, Story World and Oxford Reading Tree- Songbirds amongst others. We ask that parents read daily with their child at home. We also recommend discussing the text with children to ensure a solid understanding of what has been read. We ask that parents make a comment in the child’s contact book advising the teacher of home reading progress.

Reading at Key Stage Two

In KS2, each class has its own book corner with a wide range of age-appropriate books to choose from as home readers. These books are regularly ‘topped up’ to ensure that the children have appealing options to choose from.   Children select a book to read at home for their enjoyment, which is also appropriate to their individual reading ability. Parents may use the contact book to communicate with teachers about book choices in the weekly comment.  Home readers are changed once a week (due to lengthier texts) but can be changed more frequently when necessary. Parents are encouraged to read and discuss texts with their children daily and asked to make a comment in the child’s contact book once a week.