Netball match v Regina Coelia

news item

A team won 3-2

With this being the last match before Christmas, winning it meant that the team haven't lost a match so far this year - a fantastic achievement which is very hard to manage! This match was yet another close one, but as usual the girls all played very well and worked hard as a team. Their bounce passes and quick sprinting meant that they got away from the players marking them quickly and had plenty of chances to shoot. Player of the match goes to Claudee, who only realised after half time that having a taller person marking her wouldn't matter if she sprinted and jumped more! The rest of the team was: Rianna, Eve, Frankie, Karis, Neve and Izzy. We now have to wait until all the results are in from the other schools before finding out which league we will be put into for after Christmas.


B team won 1-0

This was yet another fantastic performance by the B team, who are turning into a very strong group of netballers. They worked hard throughout the match and are all getting better in lots of different positions because of all of the switching between them! Player of the match goes to Hannah, who runs lots in every match and always calls for the ball after getting into space. The rest of the team: Amelia, Heidi, Livvy C, Olivia MH, Lola J, Erin, Ruby and Elsie.