Year 6 Gallery Rebels topic - art in the playground!

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Year 6 have spent this half term working on their 'Gallery Rebels' topic, which has looked at all of the different types of art media and styles. As part of this, they were tasked with creating an anonymous art 'installation' in the playground, which consisted of wrapping the trees in wool and ribbon! It took a lot of concentration and time but we think the effect is pretty amazing - so good in fact that children are volunteering to continue the project on the boat during lunchtimes! 


In addition, the whole of Year 6 performed a 'flash mob' dance earlier in the half term when they were learning about types of street art. All of the children on the playground stopped to watch when the performance started at 1pm and some even joined in!


Well done Year 6 for trying out lots of interesting things in this topic.