Netball match v St Elphege's

news item

On Wednesday 7th March, we welcomed St Elphege's to Bandon Hill for the second time - this time in the Spring league. This meant that we knew what to expect and they are a very good team!

A team - drew 4-4
This was a very, very close match and although it is the A team's first game that they haven't won, a draw was definitely a fair result because it was very evenly matched! The girls worked hard throughout the game and are becoming such a good team to watch. A particular
mention must go to Izzy and Neve, the shooters, who pretty much scored every time the ball got into the circle. The girls also all did a lot of defending but kept calm under the pressure! Player of the match goes to Karis who is becoming such a quick, decisive player at Wing
B team - lost 3-0
This was another close game, despite the score line, and the girls are also making such a good team! There is always lots of swapping of positions in the B team and the girls are always
happy to try somewhere new - well done! We had quite a few chances to score but couldn't quite get the ball in the net; while in defence, Ruby, Olivia and then Lola J made it very
difficult for St Elphege's to score. Player of the match goes to Lola J for her superb play in two different positions!