The PSA at both sites meet regularly to organise both fundraising and social events. They will always welcome anyone that can offer time or ideas. This is hard work but is also very enjoyable so please get in touch or come to the next meeting.  

Contact Information (for Wood Field and Oak Field parents) (for Meadow Field parents)

Meadow Field PSA 

We are currently fundraising so we can give our school playground a much needed make over.  We are running our usual events plus adding some new ones, so your help is really needed.  Please see the dates below for the summer term.  If you are able to help at any of these events please let us know.  You can find us in the playground or email using the address above.  


PSA Meeting - 11th June 7pm staff room

Father's day Gift Sale - 13th,14th and 15th June 3:15-3:45pm boat in playground

School sponsored obstacle race and mufti day - 15th June during the school day

Bottle Day - 2nd July during the school day

Summer Fair - 7th July 12-3pm