Secondary School Transfer

For the most up to date information regarding transfer to secondary school please visit the Sutton council website here

Here you will be able to find the dates of the local school open days and download the application forms. Please make a note of the key dates for submission of application forms as late submissions may have a negative impact on your choices. 

Please see the table below for information about the 2022 Year 6 pupils school places.

High School Number of Children
Wallington High School For Girls 11%
Whitgift School 1%
Woodcote High School 13%
Carshalton Boys Sports College 8%
Carshalton High School For Girls  3%
Tiffin School 1%
Greenshaw High School 1%
Harris Academy Merton 1%
Thomas More Catholic School 1%
Old Palace School 1%
Oaks Park High School 35%
Overton Grange School 8%
Sutton Grammar School 5%
Wilson's School 1%
The Beacon 1%