Testimonials from Children-June 2022

"I like playing with the playdough and my friends"

River-Pelicans nursery


"I really like lunch club and playing outside" 

Noah-Puffins nursery


"I like doing lots of fun things in Science."

Dylan-Year 1


"I like that everyone is kind and always nice to me."

Tabby-Year 1


"I like all the things we learn at school."

Noah-Year 1 


" I love being here with my friends."

Hazel-Year 1


"I like Bandon Hill because the teachers are nice, it's easy to make friends and the clubs are fun."

Batu-Year 3


"The teachers are good and there's lots of fun activities to play with."

Disha-Year 3


"My opinion is that Bandon Hill is a great school; everyone is always happy and friendly."

Aahan-Year 3


"I really like coming to school; it makes me happy."

Tori-Year 3


"I love school because we always get to do fun activities."

Reshmi- Year 4


"I love my school because everybody is nice and friendly."

Hadeed- Year 4


"I like coming to school because I get to see my friends and play lots of sport."

Maximus-Year 4


"I like coming to school because the teachers teach amazing lessons."

Tianna-Year 4


"I love this school as I have loads of nice friends, the lessons are fun and they have lots of nice activities in the playground."

Vichahan-Year 5​


"I feel safe and comfortable here."

Omer-Year 5


"I have learnt so much on only one year. Bandon Hill is truly spectacular."

Varsha-Year 5


"I can wake up happily, knowing today will be good at Bandon Hill."

Parth-Year 5