School Travel Plan

A School Travel Plan promotes and facilitates active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel to school as an alternative to travelling by car. The main objectives of a School Travel Plan are:

•             Improve health through encouraging active travel and reducing harmful admissions.

•             Improve the environment through reducing congestion, reducing pollution and improving conditions for walkers and cyclists.

•             Improve safety through increasing road safety education.

•             Improve opportunities by developing pupils’ skills for safe and independent travel.

At Bandon Hill we have gained an accreditation as part of the National School Travel Plan initiative (TfL STARS accreditation scheme). We were also awarded the Gold award in recognition of our continued work and commitment to promoting active travel. We are currently working towards maintaining the Gold award. We are committed to encouraging pupils to walk or walk part of the way to and from school, to promote the health and environmental benefits of active travel. Reducing car use around our school sites will help us as a school community make the areas safer for everyone and less polluted.