Admission Arrangements


Meadow Field and Wood Field Reception Classes

Children are admitted into our Reception classes in September in accordance with the Admissions Policy of the London Borough of Sutton. Our published admission numbers are 60 for Meadow Field and 120 for Wood Field. The children are placed in unstreamed, mixed classes of 30.

For the purpose of admissions, Meadow Field and Wood Field are treated as separate sites and parents may apply for places at either or both sites. Pupils cannot be transferred between Meadow Field and Wood Field. In order to qualify for sibling criteria, a child must have a sibling attending the site applied for.

Applications may be made online for Reception places at where comprehensive information about the admissions and applications process is available. Mid-term application forms may be downloaded from the Sutton website at


Meadow Field Nursery

Bandon Hill Nursery is based at our Meadow Field site.  There are two nursery classes; a morning session from 8.30am until 11.30am and an afternoon session from 12.30 pm until 3.30 pm.  You may indicate a preference for either the morning or afternoon session, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer the session requested.  We do offer 30 hours sessions which runs from 8.30am - 3.30pm but does depend on eligibility.

Please note that applicants for Bandon Hill Meadow Field Nursery can only be given sibling priority if their sibling attends Bandon Hill Meadow Field. 

Before making your Nursery application you are advised to read our Nursery Guidance booklet which can be downloaded here. Please click here to download our Nursery application form.  If you would like to see a list of documents which can be used to show proof of residency please click here.

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For more information about our Admissions, please read our policy.





Places are allocated at our Opportunity Base for children with a diagnosis of ASD, in conjunction with the Special EducationaLNeeds Team at the London Borough of Sutton.