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Bandon Hill Primary School


Information on Admission

Reception Classes

Children are admitted into our Reception classes in September in accordance with the Admissions Policy of the London Borough of Sutton.
Our published admission numbers are 60 for Bandon Hill Primary School. The children are placed in unstreamed, mixed classes of 30. 
In order to qualify for sibling criteria, a child must have a sibling attending the school.

Applications for admission to Reception at Bandon Hill Primary School must be made in January in the year of admission for a place in Reception, to the child’s Home Local Authority on their Common Application Form, naming Bandon Hill Primary School as a preference on the form.

Applications must be made by the Parent. Parent refers to the person with ‘parental responsibility’ for the child or the child’s designated carer. Where the applicant is not the natural birth parent this should be indicated on the application form.

Applications may be made online for Reception places at where comprehensive information about the admissions and applications process is available. Applications for primary school places must be made no later than 15 January. 

Please find the relevant documents below:

To view the school’s admission arrangements, please click here:

For information on school admission appeals, please click here:

Bandon Hill Primary School's Nursery

We are able to offer 3 sessions at our Nursery:

  • A morning Session (8.30-11.30)

  • An afternoon session (12.30-3.30)

  • All day session. 

You may indicate a preference for any session, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer the session requested. 

Please note that applicants for Bandon Hill Primary School's Nursery can only be given sibling priority if their sibling attends Bandon Hill Primary School.

Please speak to our admissions manager, Katharine Keyser, if you want any further information about your an application for a nursery or reception place.

Below is a link to Greenshaw Learning Trust's admissions page.

Greenshaw Learning Trust - Admission to our Schools

Mid-term (In-year) application forms may be downloaded from the Sutton website at

​Please find instructions on how to apply for in-year admissions here.