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Bandon Hill Primary School

Curriculum Delivery

Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction are becoming increasingly popular in education (with good reason). At Bandon Hill, we wanted to provide a one-stop introductory brief outline of what they look like in the classroom for your child.

1. Daily review

We begin each lesson with a short review of previous learning. Daily review can strengthen previous learning and can lead to fluent recall.

2. Present new material using small steps

We only present small amounts of new material at any time, and then help our children as they practice this new material.

3. Ask questions

We ask many questions and check the responses of all children. Questions help children practice new information and connect new material to their prior learning.

4. Provide models

Providing children with models and worked examples help them learn to solve problems faster.

5. Guide children's practice

Our successful teachers spend more time guiding children's practice of new material.

6. Check for child understanding

We check for children's understanding at each point as this can help children learn the material with fewer errors.

7. Obtain a high success rate

We know it is important for children to achieve a high success rate during classroom instruction.

8. Provide scaffolds for difficult tasks

Our teachers provide children with temporary support and scaffolds to assist them when they learn difficult tasks.

9. Independent practice

Children need extensive, successful, independent practice in order for skills and knowledge to become automatic.

10. Weekly and monthly review

Our children are involved in extensive practice, in order to develop well-connected and automatic knowledge.