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Bandon Hill Primary School

How We Can Support You

Here at Bandon Hill, we are not only passionate about the support we provide our pupils, but also the support that we put in place for their parents, carers and wider family.


One of the most important ways that we support parents and carers is by keeping you fully informed. We do this by providing:

  • Regular updates on general school announcements so that you’re fully aware of any changes or exciting school improvement developments
  • Providing termly key dates so that you’re always aware of what’s to come in plenty of time and can prepare for these
  • Communication about upcoming parent events so that you can make arrangements to join us
  • Simple, quick and effective notifications through our MCAS app
  • Parents evenings and end of year reports so that you always know how your child is getting on at school
  • Newsletters to share the exciting work and achievements of our pupils

Academic Information 

We understand that our parents and carers are often spinning lots of plates and might need some support in areas that they haven’t got the time to research. We can help!

We provide all parents/carers with:

  • Information about what your child is learning in each subject, in each term at school so that you can support them with their learning and talk with them about topics you are also interested in 
  • Opportunities to attend academic workshops such as phonics or home reading so that we can share with you the strategies we use and how best to support what we’re doing at school, with your child at home
  • Regular information about statutory assessments (particularly the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check and the KS2 SATS) and how you can support us to prepare your child for these to prioritise their mental health and well being.

Pastoral Support

There can sometimes be barriers to your child achieving their full potential at school and we work with parents to remove as many of these barriers as we can including:

  • Providing financial support to those eligible through uniform and trip subsidies
  • Early Help meetings as a preventative measure when your child or your family are going through a tricky time
  • Wrap around care and extra curricular activities so that parents and carers can pursue work, hobbies and other family commitments 
  • Offering a vast range of reasonable adjustments to our pupils and their families to allow them to thrive in our school.