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Bandon Hill Primary School

How You Can Support Us

On our page ‘How we can support you’ you will find a vast range of different ways we regularly go above and beyond for you and your children to ensure that they reach their potential at Bandon Hill. 

It is vital that we work in partnership with all of our families to ensure that we can support our pupils to thrive. We would really appreciate it if you could consider the following ways in which you can support us.

Home Reading

There is an expectation that all EYFS and KS1 children spend 20 minutes every evening reading with an adult and 30 minutes when your child is in KS2.

This will not only support your child to develop their reading and phonics knowledge but also allow you to spend quality time with them undisturbed by technology. Some parents report that reading is the most important part of their evening routine and that it has improved both their and their child’s mental health and wellbeing.

Home Learning

Please discuss home learning and what this looks like in your child’s class directly with the class teacher but we do really appreciate it when parents can spend some time with their children completing the homework that is set. We understand that sometimes parents struggle with the methods (particularly in Maths) as things have changed since you were in school but any effort to engage your child in home learning dramatically impacts their chances to reach their full potential at school and your efforts are really appreciated.



Did you know that if a child misses 10 minutes of school per day, this equates to 3 full days of lost learning throughout the academic year! This increases to 19 days missed if your child repeatedly misses 30 minutes a day due to being late. Punctuality is so important and we really appreciate that some mornings just don’t go according to plan! We get it! 

However, if you are finding that you are late most days then it might be that you need some support with morning or evening routines. Why not come and see us and see how we can help! All we ask is that you take responsibility for this and work in partnership with us to improve your child’s punctuality and remove the barriers to them being in on time.


We pride ourselves on our efforts to keep parents fully informed about the events happening at school. We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to read each communication carefully so that you are always aware of upcoming events and key updates happening at Bandon Hill.

PE Kit

As your child progresses through school, it is important we promote independence and packing a PE kit is a fantastic way to give your child some responsibility. However, they are still very young, even in KS2, and will need your help! Please can you make a note of your child’s PE day and give them a prompt the night before so that they remember to pack their PE kit!


We work extensively with parents and carers to remove barriers to attendance to school for our pupils and we appreciate those families who are currently engaging in attendance support plans with us. It is imperative that pupils have an attendance of 96% or higher not just for their academic development but also for their social, emotional and mental health development. We, of course, understand that sometimes children are ill, or need medical appointments but if you are finding that your child’s attendance is dropping below 95% this might be a sign that we could offer you some support.

Uniform and Equipment 

Finally, similarly to the PE kit, we are in full support of promoting independence, but children need help to find things. If they are not prepared for the school day because they’ve forgotten something or are not in the right school uniform, they are not in a situation to achieve their full potential. Please help us by ensuring that they have the very best start and conditions for the day so that they can be successful. 

As always, please know how genuinely appreciative we are of the support we get from our parents and carers, thank you!