The school day

Considerable planning goes into devising the curriculum at Oak Field, and will be slightly different in each class to reflect the needs of the pupils. All sessions are implemented with the purpose of supporting at least one of the four areas of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities; Cognition and Learning, Communication and Interaction, Sensory and Physical and Social, Emotional and Mental Health.

The Oak Field school day starts at 9.15. Children will go to class and begin    Preparation for Learning. This time is designed to support pupil’s successful transition into the classroom, and will look very different across the classrooms and for each of the children.The first whole class activity begins approximately 30-45 mins later as the children gather for   hello.These sessions focus on social interaction and communication, and some classes may also do the date, weather and sharing how they feel.

Our morning learning will usually include discrete Phonics  and Maths time. We use the Read Write Inc. approach in our Phonics and hold daily Maths Meetings to revise key Maths concepts before participating in focused learning activities.  

We may also have Attention Autism during our morning routine. These sessions support our pupil’s attention and learning skills through highly motivating and interactive whole class inputs, and continue to be a favourite with our children. 

 Learning is interspersed with movement and sensory breaks throughout the morning,   including opportunities to visit the playground  or our soft play and      sensory rooms. 

After the children have enjoyed their lunch and time in the playground we will have   relax  during which they will be encouraged to reflect and regulate using sensory resources in preparation for the afternoon’s learning. During the afternoon the children may participate in learning around a half termly Topic, Zones of Regulation or engage in a messy chef or Write dance sessions. Pupils may also access specialist intervention sessions such as ELSA or Intensive Interaction, or work with the Occupational Therapist (OT)  or Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) on targets directly linked to their physical or communication needs.

At the end of a busy school day filled with lots of learning and play opportunities, it is time to say goodbye at 3pm!


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